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Staff brand celebration book & packaging

A challenging production piece due mainly to the small size and run required. Given to the London Dunhill staff to commemorate this high-end luxury brand and outline the future journey with a move to a new building


  • 77mm x 60mm – 48pp
  • Miniature thread sewn case bound book
  • Digitally printed to all faces
  • Black buckram embossed paper for our cover
  • 175gsm silk for inner text
  • White foil blocked to front cover only
  • Outer box
  • 132mm x 117mm x 19mm
  • Die cut 2 part lift off lid and base
  • Black foil blocked to lid section only
  • 100 units produced


  • Firetrap
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New A/W Collection

This maverick fashion brand wanted something different for the cover of this piece. In order to achieve the distressed cover, some extreme lengths were undertaken. After printing each cover was soaked with water, screwed up to distress and add many creases then flattened out and dried ready for the text to be inset and sewn.


  • 210mm x 147mm – 2pp cover with 44pp text
  • Saddle stitched / center sewn book with
  • white thread
  • Text – Litho printed to all faces | Cover – Screen printed in white to outer faces
  • Black 150gsm fenner paper & 175gsm matt uncoated paper
  • White foil blocked to front cover only
  • Distressed cover (wetted, crumpled and flattened) | Gathered and folded sections & thread sewn with white thread
  • 2500 units produced

  • Harrods
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Harrods The 100 - staff award

The agency involved were a delight to work with. No creative assistance required from me at all. A clear and concise spec. was indicated and this made the job very easy. Budget and deadline were the challenge. A fantastic supplier and a willingness and pure determination on my part to deliver got the job completed on time.

Tombstone award

  • 125mm x 185mm x 25mm block
  • Etched .5mm metal wrap around ‘ribbon’ with grey etch and infill text
  • Custom made coloured acrylic - washed out peach
  • Mounted ribbon - names hand written on block
  • 100 units produced


  • Adidas
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Concertina sticker new collection look-book

Stickers! ...who doesn't love a sticker right? 

The concept was to create a sticker book and the recipient is able to interact with some elements of the collection by using some of the sticker where ever they choose.

Sticker Book

  • 936mm x 148mm – 18pp concertina mailer
  • Litho printed to all faces
  • 150gsm self adhesive white paper
  • Kiss cut and folded into final format
  • 500 units produced

  • Airline Prayer
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Private Jet cabin adornment

An exciting and novel project working with a small jet company. The most difficult element to this project was converting the original prayer artwork suitable for the production process.

  • Metal etched cut prayer signage
  • 155mm x 180mm
  • Plain no print
  • 1mm stainless steel
  • Acid etched and polished
  • 10 units produced


  • Batman Begins
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UK Premier - VIP invite

One of my all time favourite pieces. An open brief, lovely budget, impossible deadline, nightmare supplier issues, challenges galore but completed on time and to a reduced budget.

  • Cut through and etched metal batwing
  • 155mm x 65mm plus card carrier 185mm x 95mm
  • Sprayed bronze Black foil blocked
  • 1mm steel (painted bronze) |  350gsm black colorplan board
  • Foiled and die cut carrier with hidden magnetic panel to hold metal ‘batwing’ in place securely
  • 500 items produced

  • Blackrock
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Drivers club pack

A simple brief and simple solution for a loud and noisy experience. The branded earplugs sat underneath the inner wallet.

  • Wallet, sleeve and tray to hold invitation and earplugs
  • 148mm x 255mm plus 220mm x 112mm envelope
  • Carbon fabric mounted to black board and silver foil blocked to both sleeve & envelope
  • 540gsm black colorplan board & 140gsm plike (envelope)
  • Mounted fabric, foiled outer materials, die cut and made up pack with custom capacity envelope300 items produced



  • ishares
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Clock self mailing carton

A new aspect to this project was the Far Eastern sourced element - a small digital clock that formed part of the marketing campaign for this campaign.

  • Branded digital clock & B2B mailer
  • 64mm x 64mm digital clock with 175mm x 165mm x 34mm mailing box
  • 4 colour wrap to both sides of corrugated board | 1 colour pad print to clock face
  • 170gsm laminated paper wrap over e flute corrugated board
  • Mounted prints over corrugated and die cut to shape & made up with clock presented inside box packed and ready for territory mailing
  • 3500 units produced

  • Opening and Closing
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Commemorative book

A lovely project to be involved with from the start. Watching the book develop and grow into the final format was an absolute pleasure. The press passes were long but a great experience working on a giant AO press.

  • Case bound thread sewn section book with mailing carton
  • 208mm x 208mm book with 224pp text  | 212mm x 212mm x 25mm cross carton mailer
  • Book is printed in 4 colour process plus 2 specials + spot UV varnish | Fabric cover is foil blocked in purple foil | Box is screen printed in fluorescent orange
  • 170gsm silk paper | Orange suede fabric over board | E flute corrugated carton board
  • Mounted fabric, foiled, die cut outer materials and made up
  • 2500 books produced


  • Megaman
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Launch piece

  • Integrated invite & book / page marker
  • 114mm x 149mm card mailer  | 60mm x 120mm metal book marker
  • 1 colour white to card element of invite
  • 270gsm black colorplan board
  • Etched and cut through steel work with die cut and printed card carrier
  • 350 units produced

  • Akina
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Event notebook

A simple enough project. Find an original Moleskine notebook (volume order) and brand it for a conference.... quickly.

  • Customize std moleskine notebook
  • 132mm x 210mm hardback classic notebook
  • Wrapped with custom belly band 80mm
  • 2 colours to bellyband
  • 170gsm silk paper
  • Debossed logo to cover only
  • 150 units produced


  • White Company
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New Collection invitation

  • DL laser cut invite with duplexed coloured board
  • 99mm x 210mm card
  • 1 colour print to both white and blue board faces pre-duplexing
  • 2 layers of 270gsm colorplan duplexed together
  • Laser cut pattern and bonded
  • 450 units produced


  • Knauf
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New insulation product B2B mailing 

A unqiue mailing piece. The concept was based on the sardine can idiom. Some really good new suppliers made the project easy to produce.

  • 102mm x 61mm - 2 part thermo formed faux 'can' and pull back 'lid'
  • 4 colour process print to all paper elements
  • x 2 die cut and concertina folded leaflets. 90mm x 49mm – 30pp & 90mm x 49mm – 6pp
  •  Silver ABS plastic & 170gsm silk paper
  • folded and inserted into moulded carrier ready for mailing house distribution
  • 2000 units


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